What is the fastest way to get Gil?

Please note that more houses will come up soon, so I personally will start to focus on storing some materials directly related to or related to houses, because the market may go crazy.

Other simple ways, if you don’t do it by hand / by collection, are to spend GC seals on things that sell well on the market.

See which NPCs sell which items and see if you can make money from them on the market board. I can tell you the fact that the price of many items sold by NPC is only a small part of the price of MB. Because of laziness / hard work, people either buy from MB, not NPC or just don’t know who to sell.

Pure buy and sell on MB. I spent half of my time in this game looking for deals in the market, and people greatly weakened the price, and the wrong price fell sharply in the short term. So I can buy it and relist it at a higher price. Just understand the price of things in history, and then understand the price. This route will be easier if you have a little money first.

Look for opportunities for broken clusters to sell materials.

I may forget more ways.

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How to obtain Gil in FFXIV?