Making Gil with Alchemy

The alchemy lesson in final fantasy may not be number one in apprentice, but it’s still one of the classic investments. Because no matter who you are, you always need consumables at the end of the day. However, we should tell you that their demand will fluctuate, which may affect the income of FFXIV Gil.

Creation and integration

Before getting FFXIV Gil from the alchemist class. Players will need to understand the possibilities of production. The course is renowned among team members for its choice. This class also has the ability to make equipment for summoners / scholars / arcane and white mages / magicians. The success of these professions depends on their dependence on alchemists. As time goes by, the white mage / magician needs the alchemist’s wand. They are quite cheap compared to products made by staves. The alchemist’s wand is a very safe way to level the weapon and make sure it’s worth it. One of the best selling products is the status ailments clearance program. Because echo drops are very popular among magicians, because they are the antidote to silence. Since magicians without these spells are ineffective, echo drops are popular items in this category, which makes alchemists get good results.

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Beyond consumables

This kind of gear can also be assembled for disciples, including growth formula, oil, ink, rubber, glue, etc. The value of a stack of 10 of these solvents is about 90000 FFXIV Gil. “It can also make components used in other hand categories, such as growth formula, oil, ink, rubber, glue, etc. Solvent is a good example. In this solvent, you sell a stack of 10 tablets at a price of about 100000 Jil. Apart from potions and consumables, these are items that can be sold in large quantities. In fact, if you plan to undertake other “Apprentice” training, it is recommended that you start with alchemy. It’s hard not to believe that alchemy is synonymous with the discipleship of the hand. Because other classes also depend on these apprentices. The area of greatest interest to alchemists is botanist. This is also one of the best ways to earn some decent FFXIV Gil, which can be easily sold to players in the market such as Eldorado. But if you’re going to be a pure alchemist, that’s not the best choice. We suggest you use low-level materials and carve them out.

Upgrade with levequests

For this reason, you will have to have a level carnival, and the improvement of handicraft level is one of the most effective practices. Their location depends on your level, so be sure to pay attention to the map.

How to obtain Gil in FFXIV?