Is real money safe for FFXIV Gil?

What is RMT? (real money transactions)

Real money transaction, or RMT for short, refers to the practice of exchanging goods or services in the game for real cash. Such goods and services usually include Gil, powerleveling or even the entire account and role. All of these are in violation of FFXIV to (terms of service/user agreement).

Should I buy Gil with real money?

Using the game currency or the real currency of a service transaction is in violation of the user agreement that you accept when you play the game. This may not only cause your account to be permanently banned, but most payment services (such as PayPal) will not protect you when you purchase virtual goods, and you will not have the right to recourse if you never receive payment. If you do receive any Gil in the game, even if you are not permanently banned, square Enix may still remove it from your account with any items you purchase in the next wave of bans. In addition, buying Gil from spammers encourages their spam and brings more spam to everyone.

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I was told to tell Gil about spam. Why?

This is an attempt by RMT to publish its services (their services violate the to). You are not the only one to receive this Gil spam.

How to stop spam?

Call up the player name menu (right-click) and go to reports – > report RMT activity. (“their ability to speak to other players will be limited when it is confirmed that the reported players are sending RMT messages.”)

What about the random friend request I received?

Usually, this is also RMT. If they are people you don’t know, their names seem casual and they are level 1 players, maybe RMT. Decline friend requests, report to them and continue.

Why is RMT against TOS?

The main reason against RMT is that most of it is fraudulent and it destroys the in-game economy. The main sources of RMT are account theft, minor glitches in the game, and robots that sell their produce to Gil.

How to report RMT?

Call up the player name menu (right-click) and go to reports – > report RMT activity.

In any case, not chasing witches is the opposite of TOS; having STF investigate, for example, chasing witches may be harmful to players whose actual accounts have been stolen.

If I report something uncertain, can I?

Of course. Even if you only suspect a possible RMT robot, reporting it will make STF aware that they will analyze the situation and data.

Why can’t RMT that I’m blacklisted clear my blacklist?

When an account is banned by Se, it will not be deleted. Because the account still exists but has been suspended, it remains on your blacklist. You can manually delete entries on the blacklist.

I recently reported a robot. Why hasn’t GM looked after them?

GM does not handle RMT (robots, Gil spam, etc.). GM passes information to STF. After analysis, STF will process the operation in batches.

What is STF (task force)?

There has been a team led by square Enix since FFXI. Reference to square Enix;

A team committed to preventing violations of the terms of service of the game, which will have a negative impact on Final Fantasy XIV. Their goal is to keep the community safe and to maintain a pleasant playing environment. More specifically, they deal with issues related to RMT and the use of unauthorized third-party procedures. The information collected by GM will be analyzed by STF, who will then take the necessary action against those who violate our terms of service. ” -About RMT Advertising – lodestone

Does square Enix do anything to RMT?

Yes, STF has been taking action on RMT. Pay attention to the weekly notice on lodestone about “actions taken against RMT and other illegal activities in the game”. They also implemented system changes to reduce RMT behavior such as spam (GIL) and spam. Specific details are not expected to be released to the public (Yoshida explained why in this interview), but some examples include: chat filters or restrictions on the number of shouts / etc. (version 2.3 note: “say, shout, the number of shouts, or tell that messages that may be sent per second are limited.”), and even free trial accounts. As each new major patch is released, pay close attention to any possible changes that may be in opposition to RMT.

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