I bought 10 million Gil

I have to admit that in the heyday of FFXI, I bought 10 million Gil(I think that’s like $30-40, I really can’t remember), bringing my tanners to 100 pieces, and from that day on, I don’t need Gil anymore. Never captured, never purchased more than once.

But for any modern MMO, I don’t know why people do it. I was in FC, and their leader bought Gil so that they could get a mansion when the house came out, but I haven’t really heard of anyone else doing that. XIV doesn’t even require you to have Gil on a regular basis, and since Gil starts to be removed from… And everything, it’s very easy to accumulate.

About a week after HW’s preemptive experience, I came back. I have about 700000. I’ve been doing battle training classes, and I have about 13 million sold/run underground / make hunting marks.

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