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“Final Fantasy XIV” has attracted the attention of many players and the public. Starting with the first version, it only works with Microsoft Windows personal computers, and then developer square Enix tried to use it with the Xbox 360 console, but failed for some reason.

In the end, Phil Spencer, Xbox’s boss, admitted that “Final Fantasy XIV” was about to land on Xbox one a few days ago, with another short film accompanying nine other “final fantasy games”. This is the first time the final fantasy series has appeared on the Xbox Console.

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In an event prior to x019, Spencer announced that final fantasy XIV will be available on Xbox one in 2020, including the upcoming final fantasy 15.

From Spencer, “I want you to know, rest assured, that we’re bringing the final fantasy XIV game to Xbox. We have a close relationship with director Yoshida San FFXIV and we are trying to bring it to Xbox. They’ve been running cross platform MMOs for years. ”

To the surprise of fans, the director of Final Fantasy XIV has been trying to introduce the game to other platforms to attract more players. Because FFXIV is such an attractive game, players hope to create their own world through their own ideas, and have more space and possibility to make Xbox one play better.

It is estimated that the next work will be on the cross platform limitation of Final Fantasy XIV, which means that all game records on the PC can be synchronized on other items.

Unfortunately, Spencer hasn’t disclosed any more details so far. We don’t even know its release date or time, so we can do nothing but wait.

It’s a long way from PC to Xbox one, but it’s a success. This is a small questionnaire. Will you play final fantasy XIV on Xbox one as usual?

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