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Shadowbringers, the third extension project of Final Fantasy XIV, has been officially launched. In addition to the new main scene task lines, responsibilities and areas requiring more information, there are also new jobs. For those who are not familiar with gunbreaker, by providing you with a blade and some sweet weapon skills, it will bring the fashionable whirlwind to the tank character and cause damage to your team. On the other hand, you may have dancer, an industry-wide DPS job with high mobility, which can be twisted rhythmically through quite simple attack rotation.

These two new jobs start at level 60, and you need to have any other war or magic categories at level 60, and the madam shadowbringers extension may also need to access the new jobs.

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Once these requirements are met, it is not difficult to unlock the dancer. Go to limsa lominsa lower decks and access coordinates x: 9.8 Y: 12.0. Here, you will find an NPC named eager lominsan whose task is “shall we dance”. As soon as you receive the mission, you will unlock the dancer course and get all the necessary equipment to start your career as a boxer. You can start classes, but make sure to return every few levels to help you start a new chapter from the dancer task line.

For more information about dancers, their task lines and techniques, see the ff14 wiki. The embedded video above also provides a good overview for you to get started. Next, you will master elezen. We all know. Big ears, long neck. There are two of them – Wildwood and duskwight. Now, stop talking, elezen, do you hear me? Not as the current man did for many in the battle of katnau. Well, first of all Wildwood. They are afraid to bow. They can pick a Bering, but not one of those mutant black shrouds. They’re smart, too, but not the smartest. Guess maybe it’s because the kids with horns do every philosophical work for their kids, and they’re usually weak to start with – and, of course, they don’t look so vulnerable, because that young kid leads the adder. Next, you get the twilight knight. Now I don’t have much faith in them. People who spend a lot of time in the shadows don’t get trust in my book, but God is hateful, they are smart. Do you need an excellent plan? Find a dusk guy and pay him. Although it’s not the most loyal product, and it’s a little more fragile than the ordinary hyur product, when you want to make all the back lines of the plan, now the cutting depth of the blade doesn’t matter much?

Did you notice that little guy over there? I’ve seen him chase an empire war hound between two people with his bare hands. You don’t like larafel. Like everyone else, you have two main types. Dunesfolk and plainsfolk. Dunesfolk mainly calls it thanalan. Once a nomadic tribe, and all of these. Guess they thought we’d settle down in the end, because UDA was ruled by Sultan namo namo. They are not the strongest, but of the twelve, they are no longer faithful in every land. They are also very smart in the whole process, thinking of buying points. Make up for becoming so vulnerable I guess. Next, you will have the plainsfolk. They are tricky little problems that I will offer them. Be able to tie your laces together immediately. It’s not as smart as dunesfolk, but it’s obviously not that vulnerable.

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