ffxiv gil buying cap

999.999.999 Gil

Four years later, the player named Shalice Icefrost frost on the Hyperion server finally reached the Gil limit in Final Fantasy XIV. For those who don’t know, it’s not the final fantasy of the mainline solo, but the MMO, whose breathing economic life will rise temporarily after each update. As you may have guessed, this is a very crazy achievement, and the story of how they do it sounds quite daunting.

In what may easily become “MMO economics 101,” they studied which handicraft industries are the least profitable, the most profitable, the best way to make money (experimenting with craftsmen rather than using the same guidelines), and making money. The latter is very important because market trends can be studied to accurately predict the future. If you are totally interested in online economics, please read the entire article. What’s the next step? They may be joking that they want to transfer money to their replacement role and “start over.”. Considering that the most expensive item in the game is the house, the most rotten version costs about 50 million Giles, and it’s basically gone, so they don’t have much money to spend on the house.

I can’t reach 100 million gills because I mainly insist on using PvE content and pay/help friends to work for me.

You said 99999999 Gil in your holder. Did someone try to buy 1 Gil or more from the holder? Did you just lose the item and not get Gil?

Your retainers will be the new King / Queen of Uldah and all merchants!

How to obtain Gil in FFXIV?