To be honest, second or third rate robots will be able to make as much money as rebonbuddy – not because rebonbuddy doesn’t work, but because the best way to get Gil from resources is to cultivate in patches, which may be SE’s fault. But yes, rebonbuddy can do well.

Why fragments are better than real objects:

They are always the projects with the highest demand and loss rate.

Slows down device durability – reduces robot maintenance

Does not take up inventory space – again reduces maintenance

Higher-level nodes generate more than one fragment per Dance – efficiency

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You can even expose debris and save on maintenance costs because they have a 100% chance to collect.

When I used to do bots on the server, I usually spent 720000 per day, an average of 15 hours per day. You may be able to earn enough fixed assets through snubsles and fleece, but in the end, I got a retainer, all 175 of which are full of fleece / snubsles, because their sales speed is not fast. With sharding, you can reduce the price of the lowest vendor by a factor of one and sell the holder as soon as it is sent.

I don’t do it anymore because I just do it to make money. Now I monopolize the market PvP and make about five times as much money – if I can get used to it, considering that it takes personal time, robots can’t. On the other hand, I don’t worry about Gil anymore, because I have more than 400 million businesses on non-traditional servers.

In addition, yes, there is a big difference between the servers of each server.

Apart from det, my materials are very cheap, so the materials won’t make money. Maybe spiritual binding can be more effective if your material cost on one of the servers is ridiculous. If you have a smartphone with LGE or HSPA +, it is recommended that you grab the TeamViewer so that you can see the health of the robot and the reason for uninstalling the device, switching and equipping the new device, as RB does not yet have the material convert function.

How to obtain Gil in FFXIV?