Do Wanderer’s palace for Gil

Wanderer’s palace until you get the level of chimera. Today, speedrunner can use brayflox HM, so only book ppl can use WP. What you are looking for is the “dark light” gear (ilvl 70). In addition, your regular AF armor should have brought you close to level 50. Is it enough for chimera? If not, do it, plus look cute (once you find something better, store it in your closet).

If you need to make money quickly, dol (party/fishing) and DOH (handicrafts) are generally not recommended. The reason is that you will barely break even on “normal quality” products if any. You need to make “high quality” things to make a good profit. This also applies to dol, because you need to fuse materials to get enough good things.

If you want to go this way, be prepared to spend money and time.

Other things you can do, logs, and other repeatable tasks. As long as you don’t like the lazy taru people everywhere, you should earn more than spending. Until you do something serious and start using food and drink.

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How to obtain Gil in FFXIV?