Confirm Your Eligibility while transfer FFXIV Gil

In order to change the character’s home world from one world to another, the following requirements must be met:

You must be the owner of the square Enix account that uses the service.

You must have a valid final factory XIV service account. The free trial account, the account participating in the free sign in advertising series or the account currently suspended are not eligible.

It must have been three days since the last time the home world transfer service was used.

You must exit the game.

Your role cannot join the free company, hold the free company petition, sign the free company petition or apply to join the free company.

Your character cannot sell anything on the market.

Your character cannot have items entrusted to disaster relief NPC.

Your role must rehire all retainers inherited from version 1.0.

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Outside of any instance area, your role must be logged out.

Your character cannot have reservations about the eternal bond ritual.

Your role is currently unable to perform the task “bound bonds.”.

Your character and its retainers cannot have a ceremonial invitation or a blank invitation for an eternal union ceremony that has not yet been held.

Your character may not own any land, real estate or apartments.

*Ownership must be relinquished before a family world transfer can take place.

*If your character is moving to a new world, or from a crowded world to a preferred world, the family world transfer can usually only be performed without relinquishing ownership.

*Note that some ad series have specific requirements that override these general rules.

In this case, the land or apartment will be automatically relinquished and a specified number of Giles will be returned. The maximum amount that can be returned is 99999999 Gil, any Gil that exceeds this limit will be lost. Any existing heritage on the land will be demolished.

If your legacy is automatically relinquished, your role will not be able to obtain a home in the care of a resident caretaker NPC.

If your legacy has been automatically abandoned, your character will not be able to receive the care of the house fans NPC.

Your role cannot be specified as a roommate for anyone in the friends list.

*If your role is specified as a roommate, the role’s roommate status is automatically deleted.

Your role must retrieve all optional items purchased from moogle through MOG station.

If you move to a new world, or from a crowded world to a preferred world, your character must have enough inventory space to receive other items.

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