Best ways to obtain gil in FFXIV

Different servers have different requests for things. The best advice that appears in each topic related to that topic is to “find something that’s easy to get and sell” and then sell it. You can do this to revisit the highest level of handicrafts and find anything reasonably available at the current level.

Do you have a 70-year-old FSH? Ivory only and variegated beaked fish sell a lot on my server, so collect those? Get cul at 70? Use these cushions to make the most popular surprise food. Something like this.

It depends on the capabilities available to you. If you don’t have a party or craftsman at 70, you’ll invest a lot of money or time to adjust before you make money. I was lazy and spent about 20 million hours making quick seams on the mat. I also kept some items to make the craftsman 60 years old, because I wanted to do it quickly. Your travel expenses may change.

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How to obtain Gil in FFXIV?