5 Tips for farming FFXIV Gil

Generally, the process of earning a large number of FFXIV gils is very difficult and slow, but according to this guide, this is not the case. Follow them and you will have thousands of Jills.

It’s hard for gil in Final Fantasy XIV, especially if you don’t want to make money consistently. If you don’t need help, you won’t be here, so it’s easy to read these FFXIV Gil farming techniques, which can immediately help you become an eorzean millionaire.

Crafting: Disciples of Hand

It’s no surprise that craftsmanship is at the top of the list because it provides players who don’t have enough time to learn unarmed with the equipment, materials, consumables and furniture they want and need. Normally, your normal income is six figures; if it’s really good, you can call seven!

Among handicrafts, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, alchemists and cooks make the most money. However, your choice should not be based solely on what you think will bring you the most benefit. Instead, choose one you really like.

Although the apprentice is a good way to earn Gil, it is definitely not the easiest way. First, you need to collect or purchase raw materials. If you choose the former, you need to attend the party course. For rare materials, you will need a higher level of the above positions. If this is too time-consuming or even intimidating for you, it’s best to choose the latter. Remember, it won’t be cheap.

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Gathering: disciples of the land

We have come into contact with land, or rather, land discipline. If you’re going to be a hand-made person, these classes (botany, mining and fishing) are essential. You can even completely forget to make it by hand and rely on Gil’s land disciple. You can make a lot of money by collecting, especially if you prioritize nodes that are not always available or that need to discover regional folklore knowledge.

Another benefit of collection is that it’s much cheaper than hand-made, because you only need to spend on equipment and transport. Once you reach a higher level and are well prepared to fight, you will only pay for the latter.

Treasure hunt

As a disciple of the land, fortune may favor you enough to discover the treasure map. These items guide players to treasure hunt activities, that is, PvE content, in which you must find hidden treasure and fight with monsters. After success, you will get a lot of quality rewards. Some can even be sold at a low price!

If you plan to carry out treasure hunting activities on a regular basis, make sure you get the treasure that matches your current level. Therefore, if you have been capped, please get the treasure map of antelope skin.

Roulette, hunting and primordial

Can’t feel a craft or a party? You can try the operation in a more regular way at any time. The most common is roulette. With so many Jills, you’ll earn five or six figures. Also, if you happen to be taking a “in need” course, you’ll get a considerable reward. You can also take part in hunting activities, where you have the chance to get a complete cluster; ex primals, with some good drops; and beast missions.

Continuing Entrepreneurship

Last but not least, you can try ventures. This will bet your hires on venture capital, which will pay off if they succeed. You can get venture capital at grand company or with rewards from beast tribes and guildleves.

The rewards your retention brings home depend on their level. You can assign it to any class that you have unlocked and have the same level as them. However, the highest level of course holders that you have not yet set will be reduced by five levels.

Building Gil in Eorzea may be a tough prospect, but it doesn’t have to be all-out. So follow these tips, or better yet, come up with one yourself. You must make money!

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